• How can I enroll for a course?

    Courses have been categorized for distinct group of learners for health, mind positivity, inner balance, and advanced Ayurveda for professionals. Once you have decided which course to pursue, click on the course, you will be taken to the detail page of the course. At the top, click on the Enroll Now button and follow the steps!

  • When and how do I get my certificate?

    Once you have successfully completed the course, the Certificate of Completion will be emailed to your registered email ID. Please note that duplicates of certificate will not be issued, so please keep your certificates safe!

  • I have enrolled for a course, but I can't copy the text content why?

    Enrolled students will have access to reading materials compiled by the instructor in certain courses where reading materials is necessary to reaffirm learning. There will also be tests and assessments which may be downloaded, completed and uploaded for evaluation. Other than that, all other text materials within the course cannot be copied.

  • How do I pay? What payment options do I have?

    You can pay using all of the commonly accepted payment options including MasterCard, Visa and Amex. We do not accept cheques or offline payments.

  • How long can I take to complete the course?

    Once you enrol, the course will be available to you for a prolonged period to study. To encourage gapless learning, the period of access will be limited and it will be different for different courses depending on the length of the course as well as keeping the comprehension skills of all learners in mind.

  • Can I get an extension on the learning period?

    We strongly urge you to pursue the course with focus, without distractions to ensure learning without breaks – which is most beneficial in grasping the inter-connected concepts of the courses. Under valid and special circumstances, we may allow a discretionary extension on the learning period and access to course materials.

  • Is my certificate valid for life?

    Yes, once you have successfully completed the course and received the Certificate of Completion, it stays valid for life. Students choose to upgrade their skills and re-certify periodically, which is a great way of staying updated with the latest additions to the courses.

  • Can I get a printed version of my certificate?

    Yes, in addition to the compulsory digital Certificate of Completion that will be emailed to your registered email ID, you can also opt for a printed version of your certificate. Please email your address and unique student ID at [email protected], we will get in touch with further steps.