Balance is the highest form of health

Discovering the subtle balance of the mind with the soul and staying closer to nature is the secret of being healthy, happy and peaceful. How do you tune out the challenges and distractions of life and tune in to your inner harmony of good health and self-realization?kkDr Partap Chauhan (Director, Jiva Ayurveda) teaching Ayurveda during an international workshop

The answer lies in ‘tools of transformation’. Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Vedic Psychology – and a host of lesser known eastern philosophies, practises and health secrets are the tools that will empower you to embark on a journey of realizing your true potentials, complimented by health and happiness.


Teaching what we practise

Courses at Jiva Academy are taught by practicing doctors with decades of hands-on clinical treatment experience during which they have had the rare opportunities to understand the finer points of what knowledge makes the biggest impact on the life. So instead of superficial pedantic knowledge, you get a close glimpse of the real Ayurveda.

Jiva has trained more than 5000 doctors, healthcare professionals and health enthusiasts since 1992. And now, that vast experience of empowering people with life-transforming knowledge comes to you without the barriers of educational prerequisites or being physically present in a classroom.

Welcome to Experential Learning at Jivagram Centre for Well-being

Jiva Academy gives you the opportunity to enrol in residential courses under which you have the rare opportunity to pursue the advanced segment of the course during a residency at Jivagram Centre of Wellbeing – an NABH accredited and CGHS empanelled Ayurveda hospital in Faridabad, India, and get a hands-on experience with the concepts and theories of the curriculum. Interested in knowing more about the residential courses? Email us at and our team will help with the enrolment process.