Eating is a necessity, but 'eating right' is a science!

The right nutrition can have a long-lasting effect on your physical, mental and spiritual health and also positively contribute to your overall well-being.

Although nutrition is usually connected with the stomach, it has a 360-degree effect on your health. Take a deep dive into understanding the role of nutrition on your health, how to eat healthy, how to plan and cook a better meal to maximize the effect of micronutrients in foods, and most importantly how to understand the characteristics of nutrition that complements your dominant constitutional type (Dosha).

This beginner’s course takes you on exhaustive understanding of the underlying facts and factors that will empower you to make the correct decisions first by understanding what your body actually needs, and how your body is different from the rest of the people around you, and then goes beyond conventional traditional knowledge that you may have gathered until now to teaches you the simple and practical tips and techniques that will help you in getting the most out of every morsel of food that you consume.

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Benefits of the course

  • Understand the Ayurvedic perception of nutrition and why good nutrition is vital for not just the body but also the mind and soul.

  • Learn about the role of toxics formed by undigested food (Ama), and how to minimize it by strengthening your digestive fire (Agni)

  • Discover the different aspects of nutrition other than foods that you can feel in touch, and understand the nutritional value in stimulus gathered by your sense organs

  • Get more than just shortcuts to losing weight or building muscles- understand the deep scientific knowledge behind the most prominent constitutional energy in your body and how to supplement it with the right macro and micro-nutrients.

  • Become empowered to develop a step-by-step nutrition a planner for your own body type and health configuration

  • Learn how to use the 6 Tastes defined in Ayurveda (sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent and astringent) for optimizing health and wellness

  • Get a detailed nutrition planning technique that will perfectly compliment your body type

How this course will transform your life

Everything the body takes in, be it meals, sounds, external stimuli, or even what we read and see around in the world are all different forms of food. Just as when food remains undigested, it creates a toxic material (Ama) in the body, similarly whenever thoughts and that we observe remain undigested it creates a mental toxin known as Mental Ama. In this course, you will:

  • Understand the importance of food and what role it plays in keeping you healthy

  • Learn about the different types of digestive fires in the body and how they assimilate and convert food into the supremely nutritious Rasa (essence of food).

  • Find out about the toxics that are formed because of unregistered food and what you can do to eliminate accumulated toxins and reduce overall gut toxicity

  • Understand that I'll be the origin of the six different types of tastes

  • Learn how food is digested and converted into body tissues and how you can optimize the process.

  • Detail and customized nutrition plan for people of different body types namely, Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

What does this course include?

This course has been designed for beginners in Ayurveda who want to get closer to the powerful concepts in a simple and easy to understand language that is perfect for novices as well as intermediate learners alike.

Module 1: Concept of Tridosha

The fundamental building block of our health is known as the tree essential energies data dominant in different ways in every individual. The unique configuration of the tree energies in your body will help you understand what foods are more nutritious for you and what could be potentially harmful in the long run. This module includes:

Lesson 1: The Theory of Tridosha

Lesson 2: Knowing Your Body Type (VPK Test)

Module 2: You are What You Digest

The food that you eat is not necessarily nutritious in itself until the body is able to digest it and extract the essence out of the macro and micro nutrients that you ingested. In this module you will be learning about the different concepts of the digestive fires (Agni) and the different types of Agni that enable your body to break down food into useful nutrition. This module includes:

Lesson 1: The importance of food

Lesson 2: Concept Of Agni

Lesson 3: Types Of Agni

Lesson 4: Concept Of Ama

Module 3: Six Tastes and Nutrition

The human body has different needs and nature has provided food with different tastes and various nutritional values that can be ascertained with the tastes associated with them. In this module you will find out details on the six different types of tastes recognised in Ayurveda and how you can include a balanced mix of all of those different tastes for overall nutrition. This module includes:

Lesson 1: Types Of Tastes And Its Ayurvedic Origin

Lesson 2: Effect Of Tests On Health

Lesson 3: Effect of Rasa (essence of food) on Health

Module 4: Balanced Diet in Ayurveda

Consuming a balanced diet is more than eating nutritious food. It is important to understand the underlying factors connected with your body type in order to choose the right nutrition plan. In this module, you will find out how to plan and execute the right nutrition plan according to your dominant body type. This module includes:

Lesson 1: Nutrition Plan For Vata Prakriti

Lesson 2: Nutrition Plan For Pitta Prakriti

Lesson 3: Nutrition For Kapha Prakriti

Meet the Instructor

Dr Keshav Chauhan, BAMS

Senior Ayurveda Doctor

Dr Keshav Chauhan

Dr . Keshav Chauhan (BAMS) is a Senior Ayurveda Doctor with a vast clinical experience spanning 12 years and an equally prolific experience in teaching Ayurveda across the world. Dr Keshav has taught advanced courses in France, Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Japan among other countries. He is also a specialist in Panchkarma therapy.

Nutrition is not something that happens by chance, it's a conscious decision that comes with the right knowledge.