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Learning is a never-ending process, especially for healthcare professionals. New diseases, mutating virulent strains, unprecedented pandemics, seasonal maladies and changing psychological states triggered by stress and life's problems present an ever-evolving challenge that can only be solved by going back to the roots and drawing from the trusted and proven treatment protocols of Ayurveda.

Enroll in the Jiva Practitioner's Column, a unique interactive learning opportunity that gives you a ton of actionable tips, techniques and treatment methodologies to help you help your patients/clients heal faster and more holistically.

What you get?

This learning package offers a monthly mix of highly actionable tips drawn from the clinical experience of a team of 500 doctors handling more than 2000 consultations every day.

  • Video of the month

    Exclusive video on emerging or trending health problems and the unique Ayurvedic approach to treating and managing it

  • Health Discourse

    A detailed topical discourse on a key health problem chosen for the month based on treatment data collated by Jiva Ayurveda doctors

  • Featured Case Study

    A deep-dive case study which will enable you to get a clear understanding of the Ayurvedic diagnosis, prognosis, treatment plan and relief parameters of patients

  • Featured Q&A

    Get your health and wellness queries answered from an Ayurvedic perspective by senior doctors in Dr Partap Chauhan core panel

  • Joint Consultations

    For an additional $20 per month, get the benefit of joint consultations for 2 clients/patients with an expert Jiva Doctor!

What makes this special?

Jiva has a collective treatment experience spanning 200 million clinic hours in immunology, neurology, psychology, pediatrics, obstetrics, opthalmology, urology, oncology and general medicine for an unparalleled insight into holistic treatment techniques that will benefit your patients and clients.

  • Get a deeper understanding from our vast clinical exposure to emerging immuno-threats

  • Latest updates on emerging healthcare trends

  • Practical and actionable tips to treat and manage healthcare problems based on evidence and success

  • Universally applicable methods, herbs and medicines that you can apply without restrictions

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