The mental health impact of COVID-19 can persist for several years after the pandemic.

Increases in the prevalence of common psychiatric disorders are expected. Ayurveda empowers you to deal with the challenges of overcoming past psychological setbacks and prepare your mind for future success.

The Sanskrit equivalent for fear is "Bhaya". Fear is an emotion of the mind that is produced when one’s life is in danger on account of external forces or things. Man reacts to the situation with a fear-emotion. In urgent times when the emergency is life-threatening in nature, this fear can become deeply set and impact overall health.

Ayurveda empowers you to be confident about uncovering their built-in mental health, wellbeing and resilience to overcome challenges and realise their extraordinary potential.

This special course takes you through all the aspects of body, mind and soul and gives you a potent and practical set of tool to bolster mental health and learn how to cope with sudden family incidents, traumas or even unprecendented natural catastrophes.

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Benefits of This Course

  • Understand the importance of mental well-being in overall health

  • See through an Ayurvedic lens the impact of social distancing and fear of contact on psychological health

  • Deep glance at how socio-economic incidents can dis-balance the mind and affect the ability to make healthy choices in life

  • Get a deeper understanding of the mind from a Vedic perspective

  • Learn how to overcome fear and route your mind towards absolute happiness

  • Special focus on mental health for teenagers and young children

How this course will transform your life?

This course will help you develop your own awareness of fear, stress and anxiety in order to build resilience against these factors and to reduce its impact on your health. After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Create your own mental well-being strategy against events that lead to fear and stress
  • Lead people around you to manage and deal with sudden emotional setbacks and overcome shock
  • Identify factors and triggers that create fear, stress, anxiety and similar negative emotions as well as learn how to manage them in the long run
  • Explore the connection between self-awareness, emotional intelligence and understand your potential as you evolve with the world around you

What does this course includes?

This course has been designed by Dr. Partap Chauhan to take you on a step-by-step learning journey beginning with the basics and diving deeper into advanced concepts. This course has 13 lessons divided into three modules:

Module 1: Impact of COVID on Mental Well-being

In this module, Dr Partap Chauhan will walk you through the impact that pandemic and other major events have on the mind of people from all walks of life. The explanation is done from an Ayurvedic perspective which throws light on a wide variety of aspects that remain hidden to the eye but have a deep impact on the overall health and wellbeing. 

Module 2: Ayurvedic Understanding of the Mind

No learning on mental health can be complete without first understanding the functions of the mind from an Ayurvedic perspective. This module is a comprehensive summary of the teachings in the classical literature of Ayurveda on the topic of mind and mental health. Dr Chauhan explains the topics in a very easy to understand language. 

Lecture 3: Ayurvedic Best-Practises to Protect Mental Well-being of Teenagers and Young Children

And finally, the specialty of this course is a special spotlight on what needs to be done to protect the young minds from the detrimental impact of stress during major world events. As parents, and custodians of the future (children), we are entrusted with the task of keeping the young minds protected and prepared for growth and innovation and that becomes a challenge when the mind is under stress or worry. In this module you will learn about: 

Stay prepared for unseen threats

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