A positive mind is the foundation of a healthy body

Push the frontiers of success in life by overcoming the challenges of fear, stress and anxiety after major socio-economic setbacks

The pandemic has been a very difficult time for the entire world. Loss of life, livelihood and other problems made a far-reaching impact on our psyches adding to the stress - the number one cause behind most diseases world-over.

Thankfully, Ayurveda has a solution since it focuses equally on the mind and soul with equal importance on physical health. In fact, in Ayurveda total health is said to be achieved only when the body and mind both are completely in synchronisation and harmony with each other and not just bodily health alone. Real health cannot be achieved in isolation from the status of the mind.

In this course, Dr Partap Chauhan, Director, Jiva Ayurveda takes you through a deep dive of important factors and concepts described in Ayurveda which has a deep reaching effect on the well being of the body and the mind equally. This course focuses on mental well-being through practicing simple things in life which can be done every day at home which will reinstate mental balance in the long run as well as restore positivity to help you tackle the challenges ahead in life.

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Benefits of This Course

  • Understand how social or economic events can impact the mental health across all age groups and to what extent such impacts can translate into diseases

  • Get a practical interpretation of what social distancing and confinement can have on the overall mental health and well-being of a person

  • Special focus on how major socio-economic events can impact professionals at all levels, primarily healthcare workers

  • Deep dive into the Ayurvedic perspective on mental health, the different aspects that make up the mind and how doshas, gunas, ahara and vihara alters the mental state of a person

  • Discover the operational qualities of the mind and find out how to optimise them with the right knowledge

  • Understanding the solutions for mental health offered by Ayurveda

  • Gain an exhaustive awareness of the primary reason behind fear of the mind and soul

  • Special spotlight on how to protect young children against stress, anxiety and also nurture their minds in the right way

How will this course transform your life?

Mental health is the foundation of good health, unless the mind is free of ailments, the body cannot be completely healthy. In this course, Dr Partap Chauhan will take you through all the concepts - basic through advanced - which will help you form a complete understanding of what constitutes mental health.

  • The role of stress and anxiety on mental health and how that can have a long term effect on your overall well-being

  • Realise the key aspects that change during big socio-economic events and learn what you should do to safeguard your mental health during such times

  • Get an first-hand insight into what the authentic knowledge offered in Ayurveda on the matter of psychological health

  • Learn what Ayurveda recommends countersign stressful events in life with the right approach

  • Decoding the truth behind fear, anger, stress and other similar negative emotions which arise in such times

  • A special spotlight on safeguarding the delicate mental health of teenagers, young adults and children during major socio-economic events

What does this course includes?

Dr Partap Chauhan, Director of Jiva Ayurveda has been recognised by the World Health Organisation for his innovation in Ayurveda Telemedicine. He has taught Ayurveda worldwide since 1992 and this special course on mental wellbeing is a collection of his unparalleled experience both as a healer and a teacher.

Module 1: Understanding the Impact on Mental Health

In this module, Dr Partap Chauhan will walk you through the impact that pandemic and other major events have on the mind of people from all walks of life. The explanation is done from an Ayurvedic perspective which throws light on a wide variety of aspects that remain hidden to the eye but have a deep impact on the overall health and wellbeing. This module contains:

Lecture 1: Impact of Major Events on Mental Health

Lecture 2: Impact of Quarantine and Social Distancing

Lecture 3: Impact on Healthcare Professionals

Lecture 4: Economic and Social Causes of Mental Imbalance

Module 2: Ayurvedic Understanding of the Mind

No learning on mental health can be complete without first understanding the functions of the mind from an Ayurvedic perspective. This module is a comprehensive summary of the teachings in the classical literature of Ayurveda on the topic of mind and mental health. Dr Chauhan explains the topics in a very easy to understand language. This module includes: 

Lecture 1: Understanding Mind Through an Ayurvedic Perspective 

Lecture 2: Operational Qualities of the Mind

Lecture 3: Decoding the Solution to Mental Health 

Lecture 4: Understanding Fear

Module 3: Protecting Kids against Psychological Stress

And finally, the specialty of this course is a special spotlight on what needs to be done to protect the young minds from the detrimental impact of stress during major world events. As parents, and custodians of the future (children), we are entrusted with the task of keeping the young minds protected and prepared for growth and innovation and that becomes a challenge when the mind is under stress or worry. In this module you will learn about: 

Lecture 1: Ayurvedic Nutrition of Kids During Pandemic

Lecture 2: Best Practises According to Prakriti