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Diabetes is one of the major concerns all around the world, particularly in India and South East Asian countries where people are highly susceptible to this lifestyle disorder. Diabetes Mellitus has become one of the major concerns simply because of the fact that rather than being a pathogenic disease, it is a lifestyle problem arising out of incorrect lifestyle choices and the inability to manage stress.

The high number of fatalities arising out of diabetes can be attributed to the fact that many people are not even aware that they have high blood sugar levels. Thankfully, Ayurveda has a very simple and elegant solution that touches upon all the aspects of diet and lifestyle, as well as simple things that can be done from home in order to manage the menace of high blood sugar and helps you overcome severe restrictions in the way of enjoying your life.

In this course, Senior Ayurvedacharya Dr Arun Gupta takes you through a deep dive of the minutest details which has a far-reaching impact on your overall quality of life especially if you are undergoing treatment for diabetes and you do not want to be bound to regular insulin intake throughout your life.

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Benefits of This Course

  • Deep and comprehensive understanding of the Ayurvedic concepts of diabetes

  • Explanation of the Ayurvedic view and the key factors that lead to diabetes mellitus

  • Understanding the Ayurvedic root cause of the disease and identifying potential solutions that address the root cause

  • Empowering you with the knowledge of planning the right diet and managing body weight and mass in the most optimum way to ensure maximum nutrition and minimum accumulation of blood sugar levels

  • A deeper understanding of how to plan physical activities according to your age and body status, as well as the importance of psychological care which impacts stress and anxiety of your day to day life and thereby the blood sugar levels

How will this course transform your life?

Living a life with Diabetes can be very restrictive. It reduces your freedom to eat or do things that you might have otherwise done with thinking twice about it. After completing this course, you will be empowered with the knowledge to make the right decisions that will have a minimum effect of the foods and lifestyle decisions that you take, thereby allowing you to enjoy life to the fullest. In this course you will learn about:-

  • A detailed understanding of the diabetes as defined in Ayurveda

  • The proper way to identify the root cause of your disorder and minimised recurrence by avoiding those root causes

  • Understanding the significance of nutrition for a diabetic, and planning with the proper nutrition plan for maximum energy and stamina for all ages

  • Defining the proper dietary habit to nourish body tissues with good food

  • Planning the proper lifestyle routine and exercise habits that will keep blood sugar levels low and provide high levels of energy for your day to day activities

  • Understanding the importance of psychological care for a diabetic and how you can stay motivated to stay healthy

  • Powerful home remedies and tips and techniques that you can do at home to maximise the result of diabetes treatment

What does this course include?

Doctors at Jiva Ayurveda have treated thousands of cases of Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. This course brings together the vast clinical experience that our doctors have in empowering patients to live a healthy and happy life without restrictions. This course includes:

Module 1: Ayurvedic Concepts Of Diabetes

Discourse begins by explaining the Ayurvedic concepts of diabetes and how ayurveda defines the root causes and key factors leading to the disorder. After completing this module, you will have a detailed understanding of the fundamental factors which determine your health or lack thereof as defined in ayurveda. This module includes:

Lecture 1: Introduction To The Concepts Of Diabetes

Lecture 2: Ayurvedic View And Key Factors

Lecture 3: Understanding The Root Cause Of Diabetes



Module 2: Nutrition For A Diabetic

Choosing the right nutrition plan for a diabetic can be quite challenging. There are many things that you must avoid in order to keep the blood sugar levels low, but there is also a need to identify the food items which provide you maximum nutrition and energy for your day to day activities. This module includes:

Lecture 1: Weight Management Through Diet

Lecture 2: Fruits Fans And Grains

Lecture 3: Nourishing Body Tissues Through Food


Module 3: Ayurvedic Transformation Of Lifestyle

In addition to food, you must also pay attention to your lifestyle. In this module, doctor Arun Gupta will take you through the fundamentals of planning or exercise routine, as well as share powerful yoga asanas which can have a far reaching effect on the body's ability to metabolise sugar and provide maximum energy at the same time. The final lecture in this module talks about psychological care which helps you in managing stress and anxiety levels especially if you are a working professional. This module includes:

Lecture 1: Physical Exercise Plan 

Lecture 2: Yoga For Managing Diabetes

Lecture 3: Psychological Care 


Module 4: Education & Awareness For Prolonged Health

To continue the education of empowering you with the right information, the final module of this course explains several aspects in that we will help you in managing diabetes throughout your life. Also, you will learn several herbal home remedies which are very beneficial in optimising sugar metabolism as well as reducing the impact of high blood sugar levels on the body. This module includes:

Lecture 1: Education For Self-Care 

Lecture 2: Herbs And Home Remedies

Lecture 3: Common Myths & Facts

Meet the Instructor

Senior Ayurveda Doctor

Dr Arun Gupta

Dr Arun Gupta is a senior Ayurvedacharya at Jiva Ayurevda and a member of Dr Partap Chauhan's core medical panel. He has taught Ayurveda across the world on different specializations to allopathy doctors as well as to Ayurveda enthusiasts and practitioners. Dr Gupta holds a vast clinical experience in India and Italy. He is also an expert in Panchakarma Therapy.

Don't let high blood sugar levels keep you from enjoying life. Find out how people are living life to the fullest with high blood sugar levels.