Today, much of the world is unhealthy not because of diseases, but because of eating wrong.

Obesity, early onset of senile weakness, fatigue, weak immunity, digestive issues - the list is endless! Fortunately, a lot of these problems can be solved just by eating right.

But, what is 'right'? In this course, Dr Partap Chauhan and Dr Garima Khajanchi divulges the most significant knowledge in Ayurveda that can keep away from maladies - and that is the power of foods! Just eating something is not enough. Preparing the food, using the right ingredients, applying the right techniques and orders of mixing ingredients - there are several small yet powerful concepts which can give your food the power of medicines!
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Benefits of This Course

  • An easy and detailed explanation of the principles of Ayruvedic Cooking that divulges the doshic properties of food items

  • The powerful knowledge of using foods to balance doshas and nourish all of the 7 body tissues (dhatus)

  • How to maximise the inherent nutritional and health properties within the most commonly used food items

  • Detailed explanation on the effect of utensils on the benefit of food and how you must choose the right utensils to cook and eat your food

  • A practical step-by-step demonstration on cooking nutrituous and healthy recipes using commonly available ingredients

  • Detailed health benefits of 13 different recipes along with an extensive list of ingredients, how to cook them, and best time to consume

How this course will transform your life?

The role of food in health is always downplayed. No wonder many people constantly replace nutritious meals with junk. Once the body becomes thoroughly depleted of nutrition, diseases begin to manifest which stays on for life forcing you to be dependent on medicines for good health. This course will transform your life by giving you the knowledge of using the right food items to retain and improve health. 

  • You will be able to identify the foods that are right for your body type, location and health history
  • Through the choice of the recommended type of utensils you will start extracting optimum nutrition from food items
  • You will learn how to modulate your mental status by chanting special mantras before consuming meals for optimising the benefit of food
  • Learn how to cook some of the most nutritious meals using commonly available food items

What does this course includes?

This course has been designed by Dr. Sanjay Chhajed to take you step-by-step beginning with the basics into advanced concepts of this advanced diagnostic technique. This course has been divided into 11 modules:

Lecture 1: Principles of Ayurvedic Cooking

In this module, Dr Partap Chauhan will walk you through the impact that pandemic and other major events have on the mind of people from all walks of life. The explanation is done from an Ayurvedic perspective which throws light on a wide variety of aspects that remain hidden to the eye but have a deep impact on the overall health and wellbeing. This module contains:

Lecture 2: Ideal Utensils for Cooking and Eating

No learning on mental health can be complete without first understanding the functions of the mind from an Ayurvedic perspective. This module is a comprehensive summary of the teachings in the classical literature of Ayurveda on the topic of mind and mental health. Dr Chauhan explains the topics in a very easy to understand language. This module includes: 

Lecture 3: Purifying Food with Mantras

And finally, the specialty of this course is a special spotlight on what needs to be done to protect the young minds from the detrimental impact of stress during major world events. As parents, and custodians of the future (children), we are entrusted with the task of keeping the young minds protected and prepared for growth and innovation and that becomes a challenge when the mind is under stress or worry. In this module you will learn about: 

13 Recipes: Step-by-step detailed demonstrations 

  • Recipe 1: Detox Khichadi 
  • Recipe 2: Detox Tea
  • Recipe 3: Vata balancing dish
  • Recipe 4: Pitta balancing dish
  • Recipe 5: Kapha balancing dish
  • Recipe 6: Ayurvedic desert 
  • Recipe 7: Hydrating Shikanji 
  • Recipe 8: Rejuvenating Kheer 
  • Recipe 9: Appetiser - nimbu adrak 
  • Recipe 10: Ojas laddoo