Strong digestion is the genesis of good health!

You are what you digest. Health or illnesses start with the gut.

During the clinical experiences gathered by Jiva Ayurveda doctors over a period of 30 years, improper digestion has been found to be at the core of most diseases and the primary reason behind disorders such as food sensitivities, bad breath, heartburn, chronic digestive symptoms, IBS, mood disorders, skin problems, chronic fatigue. Despite being treated by conventional medicines these problems seem to linger on without any enduring solution.

This course walks you through the basics of understanding the fundamental importance of food, the concept of digestive fire, the different types of fire along with the evaluative test that will help you find out the strength of the fire inside your gut. Then they will move on to advanced topics such as detoxifying the digestive system, restoring the natural functioning of the gut, the eight factors of eating right, the 12 fundamental rules of consuming food, as well as one of the pivotal aspect of the connection between mind and digestion.

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Key Learnings in This Course

Designed for beginner's, this course is a perfect introduction to the classical Ayurvedic concepts of digestive

  • Get a deep understanding of the importance of food and how it plays a significant role in your overall health and Wellness

  • Discover the forces at work that transforms food into nutrition inside your belly

  • Understand the different types of digestive fires (Agni)

  • Realize the role of toxins in deteriorating health and how you can prevent toxins from accumulating because of improper diets

  • Discover The 8 factors of eating food and the 12 fundamental rules of consuming food

  • The link between the mind and digestion and how to leverage the connection for better health

Here is how this course will transform your life

Do you often suffer from stomach problems and digestive difficulties? Have you tried everything only to find out that the mixed results do not last long?

  • This course will help you understand the intricate connections between food, the mind, dietary choices, and the minute details about your body and gut anatomy which will help you make great choices when it comes to food and everything else that influences your digestive health.

  • You will learn how to lay the foundation of abundant energy levels, overall wellness and a happy mind by improving your digestive health

  • Optimize your immune system as your digestion improves and becomes more capable of converting food into nutrition

  • Regain and retain optimum body mass, weight and strength that is based on sound scientific protocols of Ayurveda

  • Re-balance your gut fire (Agni) to reduce the risks of inflammatory bowel diseases, obesity, allergies and other common health problems

What does this course include?

This course has been designed for beginners in Ayurveda who want to get closer to the powerful concepts in a simple and easy to understand language that is perfect for novices as well as intermediate learners alike.

Module 1: You Are What You Digest

Modern science has validated the concept of the “gut-brain-axis” which borrows the fundamental concept of the strong connection between the gut and brain from Ayurveda. In this module you will realize how the foundation of your ‘being’ is derived from the food you digest and makes you what you are.

  • Lesson 1: Importance of Food

  • Lesson 2: Concept of Agni

  • Lesson 3: Types of Agni

  • Lesson 4: The Agni Evaluation Test

Module 2: All About Aam (toxins)

Constipation, fatigue, low energy, skin allergies: such health issues arise out of the presence of gut toxins that get accumulated over a period of time. In this model you will learn what repercussions toxins have on your overall health, and how to get rid of the toxins that are stuck in your digestive system.

  • Lesson 1: Concept of Aam
  • Lesson 2: Aam evaluation test
  • Lesson 3: Balancing Aam

Module 3: Principles of Eating

Understand the fundamentals of healthy eating. It is extremely important to create a diet that is perfect for your needs and lifestyle to optimize performance and immunity. In this module you will learn each step that is involved in setting up and following the right diet plan and how to inculcate a healthy mindset which is a direct effect on your digestion.

  • Lesson 1: Eight Factors of Eating 
  • Lesson 2: 12 Rules of Meeting
  • Lesson 3: Mind and Digestion

Meet the Instructor

Senior Ayurveda Doctor

Dr Keshav Chauhan

Dr . Keshav Chauhan (BAMS) is a Senior Ayurveda Doctor with a vast clinical experience spanning 12 years and an equally prolific experience in teaching Ayurveda across the world. Dr Keshav has taught advanced courses in France, Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Japan among other countries. He is also a specialist in Panchkarma therapy.

No matter how good you eat, if it isn't digested - it's wasted! Good health starts with a strong digestion.