Knowledge of Ayurveda: your first step towards lifelong health, wellness and happiness!

Discover the secret tools to stay healthy and retain good health for life.

In this definitive masterclass, Dr Partap Chauhan takes you through the paramount fundamentals of living a healthy life that touches on all levels: physical, psychological and spiritual.

Have you always been depending on medicines for every problem? There is a better way that does not force you to ingest heavy chemicals and increase the toxic burden in your body. With Ayurveda, not only can you ensure the perfect balance in all of the bio-energies, but also safeguard health not just in yourself but also in people around you.

Enroll in this course for a unique insight into simple things that already exist in your life which can be modified and leveraged to achieve optimum health and happiness.

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Benefits of this course

  • Discover and understand the true meaning of the word Ayurveda and how it can transform your life

  • Tap into the deep wisdom of the powerful health science with one of the most reputed custodians of Ayurveda, Dr Partap Chauhan

  • Go beyond the cryptic bookish knowledge and understand the real meaning of every concept in details in an easy-to-understand language explained with modern life examples

Here is how this course will transform your life!

  • Circumvented and avoid lifestyle diseases and common health care problems by following a healthy diet and lifestyle

  • Follow the healthy principles laid out in Ayurveda: the fundamental operating system for the human bodyqua

  • Be empowered with the skills to detect early signals of health problems and take preventive measures with the aim of reinstating health before it becomes a serious concern

  • Make more informed decisions regarding your food, lifestyle habits, and seemingly insignificant and small things which have a far-reaching effect on your overall health and mental well-being

  • Spread the health-boosting habits among people in your family as well as in your extended circles to be healthier with their lifestyles and choices

What does this course include?

This course has been designed for beginners in Ayurveda who want to get closer to the powerful concepts in a simple and easy to understand language that is perfect for novices as well as intermediate learners alike.

Module 1: Meaning an objective of Ayurveda

This module takes you through the important definitions of Ayurveda, the aim of Ayurveda, the different branches of this science and it will culminate in a simple quiz to evaluate your understanding in a holistic manner.

  • Lesson 1: Definition of Ayurveda

  • Lesson 2: Aim of Ayurveda

  • Lesson 3: Branches of Ayurveda

  • Quiz: module 1

Module 2: Fundamental Principles of Ayurveda

Are you making the right choices with your diet and lifestyle? What is the basis of those choices? Ayurveda says that everything we do should complement our bio-individuality (Prakriti). In this module you will discover how to be in harmony with the five elements (Pancha Dhatus) that permeates the entire universe and are the building blocks of your body, the three fundamental forces that govern health and wellness, as well as your own unique body type.

  • Lesson 1: Theory of Five Elements

  • Lesson 2: Theory of Three Doshas

  • Lesson 3: Knowing Your Body Type (VPK test)

  • Quiz: Module 2

Module 3: Ayurveda and the Mind

The human mind is intrinsically connected with overall health and well-being. If the mind is under stress and anxiety, it can never result in good health. An unhealthy mind forces you to make wrong decisions (Pragyaparadh) even though you know the harm in of making those unhealthy decisions. In this module you will learn how to ensure the optimum health of your mind and soul.

  • Lesson 1: Theory of Triguna 

  • Lesson 2: Determining Your Mental Constitution

  • Quiz: Module 3

Module 4: Ayurveda and you

Finally, this course brings together all the actionable tips and techniques that you can apply in your day-to-day life to bring about a transformation in your physical health and mental well-being. These tips are hand-picked based on our vast clinical experiences for maximum benefit irrespective of whether you are a professional working in a high stress environment, or a homemaker aiming to stay healthy and active!

  • Lesson 1: Ayurveda for daily life

  • Lesson 2: Ayurveda for everyone and professionals

  • Quiz: Module 4

Meet the Instructor

Director, Jiva Ayurveda

Dr Partap Chauhan

Dr Partap Chauhan is the Founder-Director of Jiva Ayurveda and also a lifetime Ashoka Member. Dr Chauhan is a pioneer of Ayurveda e-learning in India. He launched the first Ayurveda website in 1992. He is also the author of two books and several health publications. Dr Chauhan has trained over 500 doctors since 1992 and has treated thousands of patients making him one of the most reputed and trusted names in the world of Ayurveda. Follow him on Twitter: @DrPartapChauhan

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