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Stop worrying about your health, wellness and beauty and start getting into shape in a holistic manner with this comprehensive course on every aspect of gynecological well-being that touches upon the core fundamental aspects as well as those that are much superficial yet equally important such as beauty, emotional stress and work-life balance that has an overarching effect on your mental, spiritual and physical wellness.

Taught by one of the most leading experts in gynecology in India, this course will give you a deep insight into the concepts of Doshas and how they influence your overall health, as well as explores the concepts of hormones, menstrual cycles, pregnancy, menopause, menarche another fundamental stages of a woman’ life cycle - including a deep dive into pregnancy and menopause.

He will also get a detailed understanding of genetics, nutrition, psychological states, chronic medical problems, eating disorders, hormonal problems, among several other things. As well as practical tools that will help you live your life according to the tenets of Ayurvedic Ritucharya.

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Benefits of this course

  • A unique perspective on balancing personal and professional life as well on managing mental and physical stress at workplace and in family life

  • Comprehensive explanation from an Ayurvedic perspective on common gynecological problems such as PCOD, infertility, hypertension, depression, fatigue, muscular pains, sleeping difficulties, gastrointestinal disorders, hair and dermatological problems

  • Understand the role of dietetics and nutrition on health and Wellness as well as gynecological health with a special emphasis on and digestion

  • Leveraging the use of Vedic practices such as yoga and pranayama to prolong health and beauty deep into old age

  • A special section on Kaya Kalp (rejuvenation of feminine beauty) a special branch of Ayurveda that will help you look beautiful and ageless forever

How will this course transform your life?

The modern woman must juggle work-life balance, deal with the stresses of life, counteract the effect of chemicals in food and improper nutrition, but most importantly deal with her gynecological well-being. This course teaches you how to manage everything from health, to beauty to relationships through Ayurveda.

  • Ayurvedic concepts which will help you in understanding yourself better and get a deeper understanding of hormones from an Ayurvedic perspective, doshas and gunas which dictate and define your unique personality and body type.

  • A clear understanding on the menstrual cycles as defined in the classical concepts of Ayurveda along with a special emphasis on the stages of pregnancy and menopause.squar

  • A practical guide on what to do during pregnancy, and after childbirth as well as before the onset of menopause and after the end of the cycle.

  • How to deal with emotional swings at different stages of the fertility cycle as well as tips and techniques that will help you in dealing with common gynecological problems.

  • Ayurvedic tips and techniques on strengthening your reproductive organs and overall reproductive health by choosing an ideal routine and using herbs and home remedies

  • Practical tips on transforming the beauty of your hair and skin

What does this course include?

The secret to feminine health , beauty & wellness lies in understanding the human body and the uniqueness of it and then planning the ideal routine that combines multiple aspects all of which have been painstakingly put together in an easy-to-understand language by one of the most reputed gynecological experts in the domain of Ayurveda, not just in India but also worldwide.

Module 1: Introduction to Ayurvedic Principles

The cornerstone of good health ordering principles which help you make the right decisions. In this module, you will begin by understanding the key Ayurvedic principles and how it explains the role of hormones and their functionalities. This module includes:

Lesson 1: Key Ayurvedic principles

Lesson 2: Ayurveda and hormones

Module 2: Stages in a Woman's Life

Every woman passes through some significant and very distinct phases in her life that starts with menarche and ends with menopause, with pregnancy and childbirth in between. This module highlights all the key principles that are involved during these phases and how you can deal with the different effects on the body and mind with the help of Ayurveda. This module includes:

Lesson 1: Menarche

Lesson 2 Menstrual Cycle

Lesson 3: Pregnancy 

Lesson 4 Menopause

Module 3: Common Problems and its Causes

This module walks you through some of the most common gynaecological problems and explains them from an Ayurvedic perspective along with sharing the recommended Ayurvedic solutions for quick recovery and prevention in the future as well. This module includes:

Lesson 1: Common Health Problems In Females

Lesson 2: Impact of Food and Lifestyle on Health

Lesson 3: Emotions and Women's Health

Module 4: Staying Young Forever

Retaining beauty becomes an uphill task as we grow old. But there are certain secrets in Ayurveda which can definitely help you slow down time, and its effect on your hair and skin as well as on the gynaecological aspects of your body very effectively. This module includes:

Lesson 1: Breathing And Yoga Asanas 

Lesson 2 Balancing The Effect Of Aging 

Lesson 3: Ayurvedic Kayakalp

Module 5: Strengthen Your Reproductive Organs

Many health disorders among modern women are related to the reproductive system. There are special concerns which need to be addressed. In this module you will learn about: 

Lesson 1: Superfoods for Women

Lesson 2: Setting up an Ideal Routine

Lesson 3: Herbs and Remedies 

Meet the Instructor

Senior Ayurveda Gynaecologist

Dr Bhavna Dwivedi

Dr. Bhavna Dwivedi has completed her BAMS from State Ayurveda Medical College, Lucknow and she has a PG Diploma in Gynaecology. She is a Silver Medallist and has over 16 years of clinical experience in treating gynaecological problems such as PCOD, irregular or heavy menstruation, fibroids and genital tract disorders among others. She has also taught Ayurvedic Gynaecology to students in several countries.

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